Artists Of The Pony Cafe

Here you can see all of the extremely talented artists that call our community home!

Spectrum Heat

Website Developer, Part Time GFX Artist, Owner and Founder of The Pony Cafe


Botanical Art Craft

I’m Tori, Currently 19 years old, I am a self taught artist from the U.S. who mostly works on MLP Related artwork. You can contact me on any of my social medias, I’m always open to chat!

Where To Find Me

Rinichan Arts (18+!)

I'm Rini-Chan, 24 year old girl from Argentina, NSFW Illustrator, Animator in training, and author of the comic
"A Safe Place for Us"


Cheby Pattern (18+!)

I draw ponies, and learning other creatures at the moment. Most of them are feral, anthro anatomy is in progress. Sometimes making short and simple animations. Drawing both NSFW and SFW art.


NotImmortal (18+!)

Plone addict and occasional artist